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Darrick Herwehe

Applescript and Python developer. I occasionally blog when I have something to say.

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Who I am

I am an Applescript and Python developer, specializing in art automation in the Adobe suite.

After obtaining a degree in graphic design, I started out my career as an artist with adidas. Not long after, it became clear that there was a need for for automating the routine tasks that the artists were slogging through every day. I stepped in, teaching myself Applescript (and later, Python) and slowly developed a suite of automation tools that help artists focus on art.

I have been with adidas since 2006, and moved to full time programming in 2012 after making a convincing argument that the company would be better served by having a full time programmer than a part time artist/programmer. Since then, my sole focus has been researching opportunities to take work out of artists hands, gathering requirements, implementing new features, testing, documenting, deploying, training artists, and supporting an automation suite used by almost 30 artists over a range of specialties.